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API Workshop (Slides) (2)

Hello Everyone, This is a set of slides on OneMap API. If you have more slides that you wish to share, post it here as well :smiley: OneMap 2.0 API Workshop from Kai Cong Loh Slides From Institution which migh…

API Registration (2)

Step 1: Sign up for an account at Step 2: An email will be dispatched to your personal email account for verification. (Please check your junk mail too!) Step 3: Confirm y…

Steps for API Authentication (2)

[1] Go to Chrome Store and download “Postman”. This is a good application for testing out OneMap 2.0 web-services. [2] After opening up “Postman”, these are the steps 1. Open a new Tab 2. Select “POST” method. 3.…

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