All the different map links look the same [basemap] to me

I am new to map. And trying hard to understand how all the different map links differ.

However I have loaded most of the map links, and in the end all look the same to me.

How does these 2 basemap different?

How does the maplink for a leafletjs and openlayer different? Both have the same maplink.${z}/${x}/${y}.png

After map load, even the the tilejson map looks the same as leafletjs and openlayer.

After map load, the basemap for this look alike too

I am very confused with the many map links, but in the end all behave the same.



Those map links that you have stated which are found in --> All are referring to the same map style. For this case, Default style.

/v2 - http & https support
/v3 - https only.

LeafletJS and OpenLayers are completely different technology stack and they use different calling/reading method for the basemap (XYZ) format. You may need to refer to their respective libraries documentation.
Documentation: LeafletJS / OpenLayers. Hence, we recommend to use LeafletJS and OpenLayers for your Web Application Development.

As for tilejson, it is most suitable for Native Mobile Application platform.

As for WMTS service, it has all styles (Default, Night, Grey & Original) which is commonly used for GIS platform applications.

Thanks for the clarifications.

Is it possible to reference to a Night theme basemap in a json file?

Example in the android mapbox demo example, the basemap reference in the json file is the typical Default theme …

“tiles”: [{z}/{x}/{y}.png”,{z}/{x}/{y}.png”,{z}/{x}/{y}.png

Thanks again for your prompt response.

Of course. It should work for all four different map styles.