Any problem with onemap api request on PopulationQuery API (with token needed) now?

Any problem with onemap api request now?
Some of my request (with token needed) was returned as “Your request has timed out.Please try again!”.

correction: The routing service call (with token needed) is ok. Whilst the planning area and population query calls aren’t ok.

  1. HttpErrorResponse {headers: HttpHeaders, status: 500, statusText: “Internal Server Error”, url: “”, ok: false, …}

  2. error: {error: “Your request has timed out.Please try again!”}

  3. headers: HttpHeaders {normalizedNames: Map(0), lazyUpdate: null, lazyInit: ƒ}

  4. message: “Http failure response for…: 500 Internal Server Error”

  5. name: “HttpErrorResponse”

  6. ok: false

  7. status: 500

  8. statusText: “Internal Server Error”

  9. url: “…”

  10. proto: HttpResponseBase


Hi @goondu, there may have issues with popapi endpoints. We will be investigating on the root cause on this endpoint /popapi/getPlanningareaNames. Are you facing any other issues on other /popapi endpoints?

I am having issues with all the popapi end calls.

I have tried only popapi/getPopulationAgeGroup, popapi/getEconomicStatus, popapi/getTenancy, and all are having the same problem.

“error”: “Your request has timed out.Please try again!”


We are also facing the same issues with the Population Query API. Any updates?

Hi @goondu and @Dion_Ng, can you guys try to call /privateapi/popapi/ with the endpoints you desire again?

Thanks. it’s OK now.