Any way to obtain unique identifier for resource returned?

Is there a possibility of obtaining the resourceID of objects returned by the search API?

I would like a reliable way to ensure uniqueness of objects for backend reference that have the same name or postal code.

Hi @htp, currently we do not have any reference ID for the search API. You can develop using the result for Page 1 to sort it at your own disposal as everyone’s search is different matching case.

@kyroskoh The problem is sometimes if I search for something like “Eunos Court” I get 10 records returned that are all named “Eunos Court”. My backend requires me to associate the returned result with the user that searched for it so I need a way to ensure that user A selecting Eunos Court Result #1 is the same as user B selecting Eunos Court Result #2. If there’s no official way to do so, I hope you take this into consideration for future updates.