Assistance to register new onemap account

Emailed to request to register a new account. Haven’t heard from them after a week. Would anyone be able to help? Thanks!

I guess I have resolved your issue.

@kyroskoh I, too, emailed to request to register for a new account 2 weeks ago but have not heard a reply. Can you please help me out on that as well?

Hi @Raymond_Low,

Please message me directly in here. I also helped you to expedite your request if the team has missed your email out.

And also try to avoid leaking your own email account.

@kyroskoh I having difficulties finding the option to DM you. How can I do that?

@kyroskoh I am also in need of an account and unable to find the option for DM

Let me DM you on this.

@kyroskoh Im in need of an account too, and have yet to received an email reply.