Assistance to register new onemap account

Emailed to request to register a new account. Haven’t heard from them after a week. Would anyone be able to help? Thanks!

I guess I have resolved your issue.

@kyroskoh I, too, emailed to request to register for a new account 2 weeks ago but have not heard a reply. Can you please help me out on that as well?

Hi @Raymond_Low,

Please message me directly in here. I also helped you to expedite your request if the team has missed your email out.

And also try to avoid leaking your own email account.

@kyroskoh I having difficulties finding the option to DM you. How can I do that?

@kyroskoh I am also in need of an account and unable to find the option for DM

Let me DM you on this.

@kyroskoh Im in need of an account too, and have yet to received an email reply.

hi @kyroskoh,
I too sent email in, need an account.

@Edwinywh90, I will send you a DM to assist you in resolving your account.

Hi @kyroskoh
I need help with the account creation too. Thank you.

Hi @xavlimsw,

We have received feedbacks in signing up an API account and have fixed the issue.

You can try to signup an account over in and do let me know if it is working for you.


Hi @kyroskoh

Need your help too.
I tried to reset my password and received an error msg “You are not an authorised user!”

Thank you

Hi @pyssj,

Let me talk to you directly in DM.

Hi there, I tried to register an account, but got no response. Could you help me check it? I used and
Thanks in advance.

You should receive a reply from onemap[at] to re-register.