Bus and MRT station

Hi everyone, I’d like to get the coordinate of all the bus and Mrt stations around the user. Do you hav an idea on how to achieve that ?

Hi ThomasEhling,

These information on bus stops and train stations could be retrieved from LTA datamall.

Data Mall Link: https://www.mytransport.sg/content/mytransport/home/dataMall.html

In order to achieve your aim, there are additional steps of spatial querying (SQL) a database/index (spatial) where the information is being stored.

Example of a spatial database: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spatial_database

Recommended RDMS: PostgreSQL +PostGIS (http://postgis.net/install/) and MySQL

I’ll look into it. Thank you for your quick response.

On the client/server side, you have got turfjs to perform the logic too. It all depends on your design.