Can't locate few Singapore Postal Codes in OneMap


I have noticed that with some of the postal codes (119186, 119187, 119188,119190,119845,119846,119847,119848) are not found in OneMap but are available on Googles Map. I am trying to figure out why is that the case. Any pointers are highly appreciated.


Hi airorm,

Our data is updated on a weekly basis to reflect the changes of Singapore. If you go down to street-view, many of these postal codes are state properties and not in used.

In this respect, our data accuracy will be better than Google.

Hey Kaicong,

Thank a lot for the reply. But for non state properties, I still don’t understand why it is missing in OneMap. Below are few examples.

119187, in google shows as LABRADOR PARK

Hey aironm,

Currently, 119187 is also a piece of state land belonging to SLA but encapsulated by Labrador Park. Hope, it helps. :slight_smile:
Kai Cong

I cannot locate 429070 and this is a CONDO, not state property.
I can identify the following address in SingPost as belonging to the postal code 429070 but I cannot get it OneMap API:

541, East Coast Road
The Sound

Thanks for checking, @kaicong

Hi nausica,

We will be look into this issue! :slight_smile:
Get back to you asap.

Kai Cong

@nausica We have edited our data information to reflect the condo.

Thanks for contributing! You should see the update around next week! :slight_smile:

Hey @kaicong,
I’m still not able to find the postal code 429070. Any issue?

Thanks for checking.

Hi @nausica,

We will look into this issue and get back to you once we have any findings.

Hi Nausica,

Sorry for delay!

After our internal database has been updated, we need to propagate the changes into our search and reverse-geocoding. Hopefully, we will be completing it by next week.

Kai Cong

Hi Aironm

We noticed that some of the new BTO flat are not in one MAP. Can you please advise

Hi Ericpeh,

We will be looking this issue. Which are the HDB flats you are looking at?

Kai Cong

Hi Kai Cong

the postal is 380060



Hi, was 380060 issue resolved? I just tried but still not available on Onemap.

Hello infinititan,

This location is under construction and will be shown only after BCA has given us the blue print.

Have a great day ahead!


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Hi Kai,

Two missing postal codes to report:

120402 - seems to be Blk 402, Clementi Avenue 1
436811 - seems to be 22B Wareham Rd

Any reason these are not in your database?

Hi ari,

I have checked with my colleague. These 2 areas are still under construction, and we will only display them upon completion (With features and geometry).

Enjoy your day! :slight_smile:


Hey Kai,

Thanks for the update! Cheers, Ari

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Cheers! Enjoy your day :smiley:

Hi kaicong,

Can I check with you, what is the definition of completion for one map?