Cant register for api

doesnt seem to work, it keeps giving me:
“Your account creation is unsuccessful! Please try again later!”
Any solutions?

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Still impossible to register today…

@miloaisdino and @jeepay, sorry for this inconvenience that have caused. This is due to our User Module API (Registration & Account Password Reset) has some technical issues with our SMTP server.

We have to process this manually for time being, please contact onemap[at] for a computer-generated password with your preferred OneMap API Account Registered Email. Once this issue has been resolved, we will recommend you to reset your Registered Account for Account (Password) Reset.

The problem is that I never got any reply from onemap[at]…
(1 message sent 2 days ago on this token issue, 2 messages sent about 6 months ago on another topic, still waiting for a feedback…)


I have informed our counterpart.


Please resubmit your message in the email that you have sent about 6 months ago.