Different Routes (Web VS API)


Noticed some routes returned from Web are different as compared to what we got via API.

Start: (1.33803208809097,103.88145652418501)
End: (1.44589068910994,103.80239819659599)
Route Type: PT
Mode: Transit
Time: 6:30am
Date: 11 Dec 2020

Shortest route from API = 48mins
Shortest route from Web = 1hr 2mins

Is there anything we can do in our API request such that our routes will be closely similar to the Web version?


Can you provide your 2 HTTP requests (and omit your token) in here?

Sorry for the delay.

HTTP request is as follow:

For web, we key in the following postal codes on the OneMap website.
from: 367827
to: 737916

Just checked both API and Web results today. The results are still the same as before, 48mins VS 1hr 2mins.