Different Routes (Web VS API)


Noticed some routes returned from Web are different as compared to what we got via API.

Start: (1.33803208809097,103.88145652418501)
End: (1.44589068910994,103.80239819659599)
Route Type: PT
Mode: Transit
Time: 6:30am
Date: 11 Dec 2020

Shortest route from API = 48mins
Shortest route from Web = 1hr 2mins

Is there anything we can do in our API request such that our routes will be closely similar to the Web version?


Can you provide your 2 HTTP requests (and omit your token) in here?

Sorry for the delay.

HTTP request is as follow:

For web, we key in the following postal codes on the OneMap website.
from: 367827
to: 737916

Just checked both API and Web results today. The results are still the same as before, 48mins VS 1hr 2mins.

Hi, wondering if this has been fix or can we have a confirmation if the route between the API and Web should be the same?