Does it support wordpress?


I trying to do a new website. I will have a form that has an address field.

  1. For one map API, are they able to integrate with WordPress? does it have a WP plugin?

  2. Does it has an auto-complete function and can I search by condo name or postal code or full address?

  3. Is there a label for the type of house whether is HDB, Condominium, Landed house?

    I have attached 1 screenshots. Is the API able to show the suggestion when the first 4 postal code is key into the address field?

Thank you.

Hello @Trueteller,

  1. We do not have WP plugin. You have to consult your system integrator or a community WP plugin creator to build this functionality.
  2. The auto-complete function needs to be implemented by the front end developer.
  3. We do not hav any label for the housing types, however we have our basemap style for it,