Does punctuation matter?

Hi all,

I’d like to know if there is any particular character(s) that are not allowed in search term?

Basically OneMap returns an empty result when I send in this query with a comma - “632 Woodlands Ring Rd, Singapore 730632” but returned with result for the same term without comma “632 Woodlands Ring Rd Singapore 730632”

{‘found’: 1, ‘totalNumPages’: 1, ‘pageNum’: 1, ‘results’: [{‘SEARCHVAL’: ‘HDB-WOODLANDS’, ‘BLK_NO’: ‘632’, ‘ROAD_NAME’: ‘WOODLANDS RING ROAD’, ‘BUILDING’: ‘HDB-WOODLANDS’, ‘ADDRESS’: ‘632 WOODLANDS RING ROAD HDB-WOODLANDS SINGAPORE 730632’, ‘POSTAL’: ‘730632’, ‘X’: ‘24497.1009895671’, ‘Y’: ‘46389.4794411864’, ‘LATITUDE’: ‘1.43580424262989’, ‘LONGITUDE’: ‘103.801841686021’, ‘LONGTITUDE’: ‘103.801841686021’}]}

I wonder if anyone have this behaviour or if there is any character(s) we should remove from the query text? Thank you.

Hi Derek,

As the browser will encode all URL information, your search will be greatly improved through the removal of special characters. However, we will be looking improving this aspect in the near future.

Good Read:


Thanks kaicong, I’m using python’s requests library so encoding is done automatically.

It would be great if the back-end can be more versatile in handling query text e.g. fuzzy search or to perform some simple parsing (remove punctuation) before searching.

Anyhow, thanks for looking into this and please keep up the good work!

Hi @DerekChia,

Usually, users use postal code or partial address like “632 Woodlands Ring” or “Woodlands Ring Road 632”.

We also added various abbreviations to our search. In future, it might need some enhancement for new various keywords.

Thanks for your feedback. We will be looking into improving our Search in handling query text with considering more fuzzy search or algorithm. It is not that easy for such implementation.