Empty results when using onemap in Python

Hi, need some help here as I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I have:

  1. pip installed onemap onto Python 2.7 (Anaconda 5.1 build)
  2. got an auth. key via postman
  3. tried a few different search samples in Python (attached image) but was returned an empty list

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi LynxxWorld,

This library supports the older version of OneMap API. Currently, we have migrated and this library has been deprecated in favor of New OneMap API.

Visit us at, https://docs.onemap.sg

Old OneMap Lib: https://pypi.org/project/onemap/0.2.2.post2/

Btw, I have re-written part of the library for the search and token retrieval to work.

As for reverse-geocoding function, it will take time.


Thanks very much for the help. Will get to it!