Fail to retrieve data from public API from our specific server

Hi Sir,

We are using the your rest API all this while. Since yesterday then we have problem retrieve data via below link from this specific server(x.x.x.x)? Is our server side have problem? I tested fine for same coding to retrieve if from another server.

I did test same thing for below from our server (x.x.x.x), ok to retrieve.

Appreciate for your advise, thanks.

I’ve the same issue, got error “Authentication failed because the remote party has closed the transport stream”.

I managed to solve it, need to change the security protocol

ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocolType.Ssl3 | SecurityProtocolType.Tls12 | SecurityProtocolType.Tls11 | SecurityProtocolType.Tls;


@thanhtran, We have tighten Security Layer (SSL) Encryption Ciphers due to Known Vulnerabilities which will deprecate older legacy clients.