Getting Access Token with FME

Is there a way for me to use the transformer “HTTPCaller” in FME to get an access token?

I have attached the parameters I used.

I get this error:
{“code”:“InternalError”,“message”:“Cannot read property ‘email’ of undefined”}


Hi Joyce,

Have you sign up for the api registration?

Here is the link to Registration page.

Guidance page

Steps for API Authentication


Hi! Yes I have and it works in Postman for me.

Hi Joyce

I see.
Can i know is your email and password been url encoded?

Hope that this answer can help you.

But if you have to send non-ASCII text or large binary data, the form-data is for that.
You can use Raw if you want to send plain text or JSON or any other kind of string. Like the name suggests, Postman sends your raw string data as it is without modifications. The type of data that you are sending can be set by using the content-type header from the drop down.

Binary can be used when you want to attach non-textual data to the request, e.g. a video/audio file, images, or any other binary data file.

Refer to this link for further reading: Forms in HTML documents

My email and password have not been URL encoded. How should I encode it?

Hi Joyce,

We are not expert in this domain. Can you use other software to get the token?


Alright, thank you for your help!