How can I use Onemap in JMP Pro (WMS server)?

I’m trying to use one of the basemap layer from Onemap to plot data in JMP (through Graph Builder function). It has the option of taking WMS server with URL input & Layer name (snapshot below).
I saw that this was somewhat successful in another thread ( LINK HERE ) when used in Tableau.

I tried to replicate the URL in that thread and it did pull out the layer list but unable to display the basemap.

Any Suggestions ? Ultimately, my wish is to be able to use the Satellite Imagery in Onemap as a basemap layer in JMP.

Thanks in Advance!


Is the https work for u?

Hi Kyros,
I am trying to do the same, access Onemap WMS to display Singapore map on JMP Graph builder.
I get the layers using http, but shows “unknown WMS request type ‘None’” error on selecting any layer.

HTTPS gives me error too. screenshots attached.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Onemap both errors