How to calculate distances between postal codes?

Am trying to come up with a spreadsheet with the distances between a bunch of residential addresses (postal code format) and a couple of schools.

Is there a way to do so as a batch, rather than individual requests?

Distances by public transport (PT) and driving.

Hi Hao Jun,

Based on their positioning, you can use TurfJS to spatial calculate the distance.

Below is the link to the library.


@kaicong thanks for the response. Saw your suggestion in another thread for this too.

Apologies I wasn’t clear - was asking regarding travelling distances by driving and public transport.

@seehaojun currently it is not in the pipeline to have batch processing for routing. However, we will note your request and may revisit this feature in future.

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Hi guys, I wanna ask is there a way to get the distance between point A and point B via Postal Codes?
I tried this API /privateapi/routingsvc/route?start={start}&end={end}&routeType={routeType}&token={token}, it seems the start and end accept lat,lng (WGS84) format only at the moment.

@Aaron You may use the search API to return the lat lng from postal code. After which, you may use the lat lng to use the routing API.