How to get an Access Token

Hi there. Who do I need to contact to get an access token for the api?


Never mind. I found the registration site.


For the benefit of everyone, I shall paste the registration site link in this topic! :slight_smile:

Documentation Page:

Registration Page:


The token documented here doesn’t seem to apply for /publicapi. For example:

This also needs a token however. Can anyone point me to the right direction to get a token for a call to /publicappi api?


Hi kevinveragoo,

Public API belongs to a set of internal API services for Singapore Land Authority. We have yet to open this portion to the public.

Perhaps, you can write in to and request for it :smiley:

Kai Cong

Thanks for the info! Much appreciated.

I sign up and use my email and password, but got {“error”:“You are not an authorised user!”} how could I become an authorised user?

I only sign up for this form, not for one map developer account, it works now

“error”: “You are not an authorised user!”

same error … i need help pls

already registered an account on this forum, on one map api developer, and on postman … all no luck

Hi testApi2018_123,

We have written a step-by-step guide on both registration and authentication. Hope this helps in your development.

Registration Guide:

Authentication Guide: