How to use basemap?


I am very new to map. And I need to design a desktop application with wpf, I am not sure which basemap should i use. Could anyone help me with this?

Thank you!

I am new to map too. If you would like to learn more about map concepts, this github project shall be a very good platform to start with.

As about basemap, not sure if you have come across this website:

I too overwhelmed by the many basemaps, and here’s my query:

I think mapbox studio on style, tilesets and datasets, may give you some concepts on exactly what’s a basemap.

Just my feedback.

Anyway, let’s the expert answer your question.

Thank you goondu!!!

Thats very helpful! I could load my map now! :slight_smile: May I ask how long it take for you to load the whole Singapore map? It took half a min to do that.


It’s very fast, in seconds. No complaints. But i tried on Android only.
Onemap loading is very fast.

Loading basemap is fast. But loading it with layers seem slow. Could be my algorithm though.

I am using “http://maps-{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png” on wpf But it has been really slow for me :sweat_smile:

Hey @qqazzrh , we do not have any support for development. Did you use to deploy with the usage of our New OneMap Basemap? If yes, you could share your source code on your github to the rest if you want to then we can fork your github repo.