I am a beginner in using API

Hi, can anyone give me a tutorial on how to use OneMap API, I am a first Time user of OneMap API and APIs in general and no idea how to proceed, so far I have created a OneMap account as well as retrieved the token. But I do not know what to do next:
I am looking at this documentation https://docs.onemap.sg/#search
The search rest API because I have a list of strings which I would like to find out the latitude and longitude of those locations.

import requests

list = [‘location1’, ‘location2’, 'location3]

request = requests.get(‘https://developers.onemap.sg/commonapi/search?searchVal=revenue&returnGeom=Y&getAddrDetails=Y&pageNum=1’)

But I am not sure how to use the API. can someone help?

u need to parse in your location value to the searchVal.