Mapping Road Name to the Town

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I’m newbie here.

I need to find a way to match street name to the town (e.g. Bishan St 23 belongs to Bishan, Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 belongs to Ang Mo Kio). The data will be used for NEA 2 hours forecast (which needs Town name as input).

Is there any way to match the town boundary with latitudes and longitudes ?

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The Search API is not suitable for your stated function. Perhaps, you can try to use the “Planning Area” polygons provided?

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Demo code (using NodeJS) is posted to if anyone interested.


  1. Use OneMap search API to locate longitude / latitude of the address
  2. Use OneMap get token for auth
  3. Use OneMap planning area to determine the town of the address
  4. Fetch NEA 2 hours forecast, based on the town
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Fantastic!! :smiley:

We can showcase your work so more people can be empowered.

Thanks Kunikuda!!!