Minimap generator wogaa

Notice the iframe for minimap generated uses wogaa but for testing environment, The preview frame pointing to tools.onemap uses wogaa production url js while the iframe generated using “Embed map” points to wogaa testing url js.

Following error on browser console when using the one from “Embed map”:
wogaa.js?url=:5 WOGAA detected incorrect WOGAA.js URL in . Production environments should integrate WOGAA.js Production URL. Please visit for more information.

should we be using url instead of

Hi @Meng_Guan_Koh,

There is no concern with the WOGAA settings as it is already using the Production settings, and it is simply additional resources being loaded from the WOGAA side.

This will not affect the operation of the iframe itself. You can use the generated code from the minimap generator as it is, and it should work fine.