Missing full screen icon

Hi, we would like to feedback that full screen icon is missing. Can help to add it in?

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I am facing the same problem. The full screen icon was missing when I open the the website via the mobile browser. The full screen icon was however available if I open the same website on my desktop browser.

I didn’t pursue this issue.

And I am using amp-iframe component.

Hi han2001vn and goondu,

the function is there. But the icon is missing. We will update the image up asap. thanks.

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi han2001vn and goondu,

We have uploaded the missing icon.

Hi friends,
I’ve tried to embed onemap to my website, but the fullscreen icon does not display (zoom in/out icon display as usual)
Anyone experience the same issue can help?
it happens on all common browsers firefox, safari, chrome, ie


one of the sample other website also has the same issue

can click to “view map” link

alright found that the full screen icon is missed (icon-fullscreen-2x.png). Not sure how to report this issue to onemap :frowning:

Hello @han2001vn,

We have uploaded the missing icon.

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we test and it works. thanks for quick turnaround :wink:

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Thanks @kyroskoh and @jinhong.

Was away from office to help. Thank for spotting this bug to us!

Enjoy your weekend!