Need to create an OneMap Account

Hi there!

I am trying to create a OneMap account so that i can integrate the API and use the credential to verify and use the service. Tried to email the email but no response after 3 days. So am here following up to see if anyone internally can help. Thanks in advance and looking forward for a reply. :slight_smile:

Can you DM me the email address that you are trying to register for?

Hi @kyroskoh ,

Tried to email the email but no response after 5 days as well.

After i have gotten the credential.
it’s still not working, please help.
it prompt:

"error": "You are not an authorised user!"


Hello Kyroskoh,

I cant find the DM function. My email is & @wei_kang ,

I will communicate both of you via DM here to provide you with more assistance

Likewise… I requested (from for the account (so as to use the privateapi/commonsvc API) on 10th Aug and 16th Aug but still did not receive any response. Nothing in the trash/spam folder either.

Hello @nicol3chua, let me DM you.

Hi @kyroskoh , I would like to know how to create an account as well. Thank you

Hi @Gerald_Peh, I have replied you with the follow up.