Offline onemap sdk

Is there any offline map tile/sdk available for OneMap? Thanks.

Hi pigling,

Thanks for supporting OneMap!

Currently, we do not provide offline map tiles for OneMap. However, we are looking at the possibilities of it happening in our future roadmap.


offline map now available?


We do not have any offline map tiles for Mobile platform (like SDK), however to use locally in your on-premise, you need to purchase our OneMap Basemaps Technology Stack for your usage. Let me know so that I can direct to our respective team for this on-premise purchase.

thanks for your reply. i need offline map for web application not for mobile. If i need to buy how much cost for that?. And before buy we need to check that whether it will suitable for our application. Currently we are using onemap with internet one.


I have messaged you for the email to contact.

Hi, I need an offline map for web application as well, is there anyway for us to purchase?

Let me drop you a DM.

Hi @kyroskoh could you please drop me a DM - I would like to find out more on your offline maps and the purchase plans involved?