One Map API is down as of now (Feb 05, 2020, 12:40)

Hello, several OneMap Basemap services are down.

Maps (XYZ/Slipper Map) - Unavailable
Maps (TileJSON) - Available
MapServices (WMS/WMTS/TMS) - Unavailable



Can we look into this please? Thank you!

Hi @Yijun,

Recently we have experience high load volumes of basemap usage. We have managed to resolve by having more resources to serve these volumes.

How does onemap pay for the services it procures, wouldn’t having more resources mean a high cost of servicing?

Hi @wrjanan, it is budget to serve with enough throughput but at that period of time we have experienced high spikes thru a long duration of usage (in days) by particular website where everyone is on the same bandwidth when using the basemap services so an additional resources need management’s approval with duration to justify the purpose.