OneMap API to search and return custom region

Hi All,

I am exploring the feasibility a feature to retrieve a relevant region boundaries set when user enter the postal code

Using the town council base map as an illustration example:

When user enters via either of the following:

  1. 1st 2 digits of the Postal code and select the returned result
  2. Full 6 digits postal code and hit search or enter

image|690x432 for picture

The return result will show “West Code District” instead of “Jurong Point”

Can this be done via the API? How can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance :):wink:


If you know the FeatureCollection for Town Council Boundary Polygon, you can use Spatial Analysis using “Point Within Polygon” via TurfJS or other tools such as using python then you get the attribute name like “West Coast TC” for Town Council Boundary to be displayed.


Thank @kyroskoh for the advice.
Do you know where can I get the FeatureCollection for Town Council Boundary Polygon?


Hi @kyroskoh, I have found out that the boundaries can be created using
Ming Wei