Onemap Maintenance (Basemap Issues)

Hi support team,

May I know where to find Onemap API/Basemap maintenance schedule? Onemap API status check page is not available to access:

Could you please also advise the best practice to handle the following scenario:
User access the map view in iOS mobile app when Onemap basemap is failed to load. (Assume due to Onemap maintenance), is it still possible to display the marker into the map view?



Hi @andyyao,

We are performing a revamp on API Health Status page.

It will be better to consume our XYZ TileLayer (improved caching with higher availability, stability, scalability, reliability) instead of WMS/WMTS/TMS service which are SOAP services (XML) doesn’t support caching and high volume of loads (can’t be scaled) and also rely on XYZ TileLayer.

Our OneMap Android & iOS App use MapBox SDK to build and implemented it as TileJSON using XYZ TileLayer. For example (Default MapStyle) Link:

Thanks. May I know if any access threshold for each API account?

Hi @andyyao,

Basemap usage doesn’t have any API calls limitation threshold as it is not a Token-based.