OneMap + Xamarin + ArcGIS


Is OneMap able to serve basemap with ArcGIS?

Are we able to load OneMap with Xamarin (using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET)? We trying to build a cross-platform mobile app. I’ve tried to load a new ArcGISTiledLayer with uri “”, however the map is not loading.



ok, I load it this way.

var myUri = new Uri(“”);
WmtsService myWmtsService = new WmtsService(myUri);
await myWmtsService.LoadAsync();

WmtsServiceInfo myWMTSServiceInfo = myWmtsService.ServiceInfo;
IReadOnlyList myWmtsLayerInfos = myWMTSServiceInfo.LayerInfos;
WmtsLayer myWmtsLayer = new WmtsLayer(myWmtsLayerInfos[0]);
_map = new Map();

Basemap myBasemap = _map.Basemap;
LayerCollection myLayerCollection = myBasemap.BaseLayers;

The URI you have specified in your starter thread: isn’t working anymore since we have switched to OneMap 2 (New OneMap) API Services.

You have found the correct URI for WMTS service for ArcGIS support:

The WMTS looks blurry compared to the TileJson loaded by Mapbox. Any idea why?

Hi @loy,

This is a known issue for having blurry tiles loaded from ArcGIS/ArcMap stack when using WMS/WMTS tiles as the ArcGIS/ArcMap modules re-render the resolution (compressed png/jpeg) for quick tiles viewing/browsing.