Only expiry timestamp received in getToken response

Why there isn’t the access_token in my success (200) getToken response?

“expiry_timestamp”: “1632903263”

I had performed the post query [] in both onemap swagger and postman, and both yield the same response.


Dear User,

Issue has been resolved. Kindly check the endpoint again and revert if there are any issues.
Thank you.

Thanks for your prompt action. However, I still not receiving the access token from the 200 response.

I had tried it in both onemap swagger and postman.

Thanks. Please help to verify again.

“expiry_timestamp”: “1632903263”

could you provide a screenshot possibly from postman?
Can I also know what is the response status being returned?
Thank you

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My Input in onemap swagger


The output from onemap swagger

(post deleted by author)

Thanks. Resolved. Response back to normal.

Hello, the one map now has this issue back again.