Open map by using location name

Hi friends,

My intention is to provide a URL of a location, when user click to this URL, they will redirect to OneMap and display that location on the map.

Actually it’s pretty easy to be done on Google Map. E.g.

However, I dont know how it can be done on OneMap. e.g

Any idea how to make it done on OneMap? or any workaround solution for this?


Hi han2001vn,

We have a method for doing this on OneMap. :grinning:

We foresee people will be looking for this function.

Actually, it is pretty easy. You could simply do this…

Kai Cong


fantastic, you save my life kaicong :slight_smile:

realized that it is not only apply for name but postal code or street number as well eunos road 8

thank you very much :smiley:

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Hi han2001vn,

Glad that it helps!

Feel free to post again when you are faced with other issues. :wink:

Apart from issues, you could hang around the forum too. This forum is driven by OneMap engineering team…means we are interested in other stuffs as well. (Like blockchain, IOT, drones and etc)

Good night pal !