PACDC tileLayer

In the map-example, in /sla-onemap/onemap-leaflet/blob/master/examples/map_example.html, there is a reference to PACDC tileLayer…


What are the tileLayer other than PACDC available to public?


We are currently serving out a few other map tiles for both public and govt agencies.

What type of maptiles are you currently looking at? We might be able to help… :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have:

a. polygon layer for Masterplan at subzone level.
b. polygon layer for election boundary at constituency/ward level.

kml for above would be just as good.


Perhaps, you can try to use the “Planning Area” polygons provided?

That’s only at planning area level. There are sub zone levels in each planning area. Anyway not a concern. I am just asking, in case these layers are available to the public.


I have checked with my colleagues on the ownership of these layers. It seems like the map layers you are looking at are on OneMap display only.

You may have to get special request or do purchases to use them. :slight_smile: