Plotting Multipolygons

I had the coordinates for both planning town “Novena” and “Kallang”. I had simply join the coordinates of both towns. Unfortunately, there is an ugly line cutting across.

Any advice how I can better join the coordinates of both towns?

Hi @goondu, I am not sure u are trying to render on the fly on client-end which is quite impossible, or you are trying to merge into a single FeatureCollection from these 2 polygons (geojson).

You may try to use this tool: (easiest)
or using this python script
or import geojson into QGIS then convert into shp file and merge it.

Thanks for pointing out the use of a single feature collection. That’s what I needed.

Hi @goondu,

If you want to use it on based JS scripting, you can try using the union function in TurfJS

Thanks. Already resolved using unorthodox means.