Request to add category column to search API returned places

With regards to the following API

Is it possible to add a category column to the return value like so:

{“SEARCHVAL”:“ALJUNIED MRT STATION EXIT A”,“BLK_NO”:"",“ROAD_NAME”:“NIL”,“BUILDING”:“ALJUNIED MRT STATION EXIT A”,“ADDRESS”:“ALJUNIED MRT STATION EXIT A SINGAPORE”,“POSTAL”:“NIL”,“X”:“33473.0437446516”,“Y”:“33168.535569923”,“LATITUDE”:“1.31623848507353”,“LONGITUDE”:“103.882496650859”,“LONGTITUDE”:“103.882496650859”,"*CATEGORY":"MRT EXIT*"},

Our use case is to use the API to retrieve all POIs (school, MRT, hospital). Our attempt was not very fruitful as

would yield the following which is not a university.

{"SEARCHVAL":"UNIVERSITY PARK","BLK_NO":"46","ROAD_NAME":"UNIVERSITY WALK","BUILDING":"UNIVERSITY PARK","ADDRESS":"46 UNIVERSITY WALK UNIVERSITY PARK SINGAPORE 297759","POSTAL":"297759","X":"26278.1388283903","Y":"34133.0788691584","LATITUDE":"1.32496191267704","LONGITUDE":"103.817846728169","LONGTITUDE":"103.817846728169"}

Any advice on alternative ways of using the search api to retrieve POIs (MRT, school, malls, hospital) would be appreciated as well.

Hi Johnsek,

Thank for using OneMap!

We will look into the possibilities of it happening in our roadmap ahead.


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Thanks Kaicong,

     Look forward to updates on this.

     Thank you for making onemap great. It's been very useful.


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Hi Kaicong,

I recently came across similar issues and was looking at ways to refine the API searches.
Were there any developments to this topic? Thank you!

Hi @FreshMints,

It is still under roadmap where we do not have such high demand from various API developers therefore, this feature enhancement has pushed even further.

We are also looking into the possible ways in handling the availability of raw data and putting into grouping of classification in API responses and trying not changing the API responses schemas.

Lastly, we also need to evaluate the various possibilities in supporting the next generation of OneMap API where it is more crucial.