Retrieve address based on postal code

hi all,

1 of our client want to implement a feature on their website that allow user to key-in the postal code, then website will retrieve street name, block, building name

Not sure it is possible if I can use 1 of these 3 api ( Search, Reverse Geocode(SVY21), Reverse Geocode(WGS84))?

Is there any fee that we need to pay?

Sorry if it’s silly question… but anyone know any similar topic also can share. thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @han2001vn,

You can use the Search API to search via postal code.

There are no fees that are required for the use of the API.

Thank you.

This feature is called reverse geocoding.
If you are doing it with vanilla HTML, CSS and JS, you can just use the code from here
If you are doing it with JS framework like React, you can find code in here