Reverse Geocoding returning area greater than assigned buffer limit

Hi Team,

I have a problem with the reverse geocoding. The reverse geocoding should return only areas within the buffer area radius specified. In any case, the range should not exceed 500m as well.

However, I notice the api return areas thats are large for certain areas. Let’s say we are to try passing these coordinates (East Coast Park) for reverse geocode, the result would return another point in East Coast Park, which could be 5km away.

centroid_x, centroid_y
103.968614, 1.315909

This is actually a common problem i noted. These problematic areas are found to be mostly in large parks, reservoirs, catchment areas, island (eg; jurong island, coney island) and new town areas established by the government (eg; PUNGGOL NEW TOWN, SEMBAWANG NEW TOWN…etc)

Do you have more usage examples with your sample codes?