Route not found on Web and API


May I check why I cannot find a route from 267862 to 159050?

Is it cause these are invalid postal codes?

Thank you!


Thanks for pointing this route. This is probably due to no accessible public transport path found from 267862. Will feedback to the routing team and let you know once it is resolved. The postal codes are valid.


We also noticed that route from newer BTO flats (1 year) like 762502 to schools like Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School are also missing.

Thank you.

can anyone help me out with rendering directions using onemap routing service…


i used this api …but why iam not getting any response?

Hi Monisha

You may need have some parameters e.g date missing from your API request to get any response. We have an online portal for you to try out the routing service API call.

You can click try it out and input your token and the input parameters to get the response!

tq so much, i tried with the api you have sent… i had done some mistake while calling the api…now its working fine

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Sounds great! Hope you have a good time using OneMap API.