Route Optimisation


I’m writing an algorithm for Route optimization, for which I need to know the distance between 2 Postal codes. Since there is no API to retrieve the distance between 2 Postal codes , I’m using the API /privateapi/routingsvc/route , for which the input parameters are the Latitude and the Longitude.
The Latitude and Longitude are retrieved by passing the Postal codes to the API

Now the issue’s are as below :

  1. For , certain Postal codes/location the API shows error “Location is not present” , where as actually the location is a valid location and can be viewed in Google map/Street directory ( for e.g. 20 Riverside Postal code 739083 ).

  2. Also , the API doesn’t give a suggestion of near by postal code/location , it just throws error.

Awaiting help
Thanks in Advance.

Hi Itsupport,

This postal code has already defunct from use. Based on the new address, this building is 18 Riverside 739088. Google information has eclipsed its useful life.


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