Search for ATM locations

is there a way to get the locations of banks’ ATMs specifically?

When I tried using “bank name ATM” as the search value, I get 0 to 3 results; when I used “bank name” alone as the search value, I get hundreds of results, but I’m unable to tell which locations are that of ATMs.

I would appreciate any help.

bank name - DBS, OCBC, etc

Hi @BurntIce, the ATMs within the search are being shown because they are tagged with the building names that are registered with the building owner.

You can use our Themes API for DBS and OCBC ATMs. These data won’t be very defined in Lat, Lng tagging (such as particular spot of the building) as the ATMs are associated with the building’s Lat, Lng.

We also can’t guarantee with the data integrity for DBS ATMs as the data updated-ness are not frequent. As for OCBC ATMs, we use OCBC API.

Hi @kyroskoh,

Thanks a lot for the reply. When I used the Get All Themes Info API, I did not see any data on ATMs being returned. Did I missed something?

Hi @BurntIce,

After you have gotten the API responses from “Get All Themes Info”, you will see “queryName” returned, then you have to use “Retrieve Theme” with the provided queryName that you wish to consume for.

Refer to this documentation:

If you can’t find any ATMs queryName means the ATMs APIs are not opened to Public users.

Hi @kyroskoh,
regarding the ATMs APIs, too bad for me I guess. Thanks so much for your help!