Speed of loading basemap

Hi there,

I am trying to put a singapore into my wpf project, and used the map from
“http://maps-{s}.onemap.sg/v2/Default/{z}/{x}/{y}.png” The only thing i did is to load a singapore map. However, it takes half a min to load this map.

So i am wonder is this because of the limit of “250 calls per min”, or because of other things?

Is there a way I could save onemap to disk and load from there?

Thank you!

I had setup their leafjs example:

You can check for yourself, the loading speed is very good.

i think it is reference to basemap:

By using our New OneMap’s Basemap, it doesn’t require any API token.

As for that {ext}, we only support png at the moment. If http only, you can use /v2. For https, you can use /v3. If the end-user uses https to access our New OneMap’s Basemap (png tile) before, the browser (like Chrome) will enforce the response into https.