Static Map Generator issue

Hi support,

Please help to check the Static Map Generator, look like it can’t load map layer.

I am facing the same issue. Static map takes forever to load, and when it does, the base map layer is missing. In place of it is a white background. Markers appear fine


@thanhtran @LyouKE it is not taking forever to load for the basemap service as it was the basemap service issue where our IDS has issues in communicating to the old basemap services nodes so we have to clone the nodes to another network zone to bypass the IDS. It only affects staticmap service and not other services such as minimap and advance minimap where all these 3 sharing the same basemap service.

Our team has fixed this issue by (firstly) internal rerouting the network for staticmap service but it doesnt resolved so we need more mandays to perform recompiling the staticmap service source code into binary.

It took us awhile on this move. Sorry for any inconvenience that caused.

Please provide us your staticmap direct link to verify.

@kyroskoh yes, it works already. Thanks for your prompt action.


Is there any issue with the static map using zoom > 17? I am not getting the image when i try the static map generator today.

thanks and regards,

this issue has been resolve. you can check it again.