Suggestion for route plotting service for PMD riders

Currently all PMD riders are not allowed to ride on roads, PMD riders are supposed to ride on pavements and on PCNs only.

It would be nice if the Routing Service could provide path to PMD riders based upon ‘usable’ pavements and PCNs only.

Just a suggestion, it’s a daunting task.


Perhaps there is a routing mistake. In above map, the cycling routing service has suggested user to turn from Ulu Pandan PCN and ride along Commonwealth Ave West, there is no physical link from the Ulu Pandan PCN to Commonwealth Ave West…

Another mistake here. There are underpasses [under Zion Road and Kim Seng Road] there for cyclist to continue their ride.

For the same short route, this website is able to create the same route correctly.

There are now many PMD hobbyists, and we are only allowed to ride on pavements and PCNs, unlike the cyclists.

A typical PMD rider from Queenstown would likely to ride along along the Alexandra Linear Park, Singapore River to Padang and MBS.

My suggestion to improve on the routing service for PMD riders could be providing optional key [for routetype cycle] with [minimal pavement and maximal pcn].

However what is more important would be the many underpasses at PCN, which I feel were not route correctly [or rather not the best or optimized route].

Just a suggestion.

Hi Goondu

Thanks for writing in. We noted your requests to improve on the routing service on cycling paths and will feedback to the data team to update the cycling paths data. For OneMap routing service, we have Public transport, Driving, Cycling and Walking only. As of now, we do not have the enough accurate and complete data to provide routing service for PMD riders and we are not the authority to govern this data set. You may wish to write in to LTA or Nparks as they will decide whether a route is suitable for PMD riders.

May I know which email address whereby I can send my request to?

You can drop a feedback to LTA via this link:
, and feedback to NParks via this link:


Thanks. Unfortunately both are online feedback forms and do not accept any file attachment.

Anyway I had submitted my request to instead.

Thanks anyway.