Symbol resolution within building name

May I know how do you resolve ‘@&#’ in search api?
If I search ‘reflections at keppel bay’ I will get expected result. But if I search ‘reflections @ keppel bay’, I will just get an error.

I tried to search ‘@’, which returned me more than 2000 matched results.

There is also another special case: searching ‘link@amk’ will get result; searching ‘link @ amk’ will get error.

In addition, searching ‘#1 Tower’ ​produces error; searching ‘# 1 Tower’ will get correct result.

The examples aforementioned are not the only cases I found, ‘&’ resolution is also buggy as hell.
Even alphabetical only input will produce error response. Eg ‘sons market’.

Are you guys aware of issues above?

It is relative a known issue for the Search and via the URI params for encoding. Please send your technical issue to onemap[at]