Time out Error for the function https://developers.onemap.sg/privateapi/routingsvc/route?start=


Currently we are retrieving the Latitude and Longitude of few thousands Postal
code , but after a certain period , of time , it shows the following error:
500{“error”:“Your request has timed out.Please try again!”}

Thanks In advance.

Hi Jeena

The bandwidth of the routing service is shared and not dedicated. Thus, for users that are hogging the bandwidth with high volume of requests, the timeout mechanism is in place to ensure that other users get their fair share of this shared resource. Do add some delay to your API calls and retry after some time if you are hitting the 500 timeout error. Thanks!

Also from your use case, i see that you are retrieving the Latitude and Longitude of a few thousands Postal code, this seems to have nothing to do with the routing service. Perhaps you are calling the wrong API?

So basically our Use case is to find the best optimized route for few stop overs ( postal codes ).

Do you have any API for it ?

Hi Jeena

Yes. We do have optimised multi stop routing API for your use case but it is given on a case to case basis. We would like to invite you for a meeting to discuss further. Do you have a work email that we can contact you to set up a meeting?

I will check with my Team leader and let you know . Meanwhile wanted to just check with you , is it not that all the API’s are provided in your API documentation https://docs.onemap.sg/#introduction

HI Junhong

My email - address is “itsupport@networkcourier.com.sg”

Hi Jeena

All the API on API documentation are released for public to use. However, we do have customised API service for different use cases. These private APIs are not released for public to use as they only cater to very specific use case.

Hi Junhong

Ok , I understand . So my work email address is itsupport@networkcourier.com.sg

Hi Junhong

When we can have a discussion on the customized API which you were talking about for Route Optimisation

Hi Jeena

We have just sent you an email. Please check.