Very slow, authentication unstable

I am using the api via a python-client, and realize that it’s running very very slow and unstable.
Authentication / Generation of token fails half of the time.

When trying ‘’ I get the token after appr 3 sec or a 403 error.

Maybe you can look into it …

It is probably you have exceed the limit and has been flagged by our Anti-DDOS system. Please email us at onemap[at]sla[dot]sg with your application IP and your purpose of your application usage.

Hi Kyroskoh,

I believe I am facing a similar issue. I am using the search() method and getting responses only more than 3 minutes later. This has been the case for several days. Would you be able to assist me with this issue?

Thank you in advance.

Hello @Farit_Ismeth , if you are still facing the issue, please email to onemap[at]sla[dot]sg with your application IP for us to perform further troubleshooting with our DMS provider.

Was this issue fixed ?

I am facing thee same problem with the Geocode API.

Calls take 90 seconds each and then the API fails after processing exactly 10 calls.

HI @UncleT, please email us at onemap[at]sla[dot]sg with more details (eg. Application IP, issues/errors faced) if you are still having issues with the endpoint.

Thank you.

The 10 calls limit corrected itself after a few days with no change to my code.
the blocking problem (90 seconds per API call ) was never resolved.
I did have email communication however the performance issue was never responded to so I gave up and found another solution to my geocode project that did not involve the API.